Since 2009, I have climbed the ladder from small, early-stage startups to Meta's sprawling Reality Labs. I got my start by specializing in data-driven interfaces for enterprise, HR, and financial products. In recent years, I’ve been focused on consumer experiences, serving as the lead designer on the Meta Quest app — a mobile companion app for the VR headset.

I love solving hard problems with good people. I am pragmatic, with an open heart and mind. I sweat the small stuff.

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I’m a full-stack product designer

What does that mean? I've got experience in the entire product development cycle, from high-level concept creation, UX research and design, prototyping, visual design, even down to development in React.

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Recent projects

When you hire me, you’ll benefit from the hard-earned experience I’ve earned over the last decade. Here’s two recent examples that show the breadth of my work…


Meta Quest mobile app

Find out how I worked within a large, complex organization to redesign the companion app to Meta Quest VR headsets with a focus on core “people problems.”

View the case study


Watch Duty

Find out how I helped this upstart, volunteer-led community wildfire app by designing the app and branding as the first product designer.

View the case study

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I’ve got experience in an organization like yours…

I’ve been designing for screens for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve probably worked with a company or team like yours…

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